Hack the Police!

A hackathon in London, the weekend of 27th - 28th April.
Software developers and designers are invited:
Bring your unique talents to the fight against crime!

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The story so far...

We want to improve how Police can help people, and how people can help themselves - through exploring the potential of mobile apps.

We have some data and a lot of practical real-world problems to solve: what we need is talented developers who want to solve problems.

Although there's no money, there will be prizes, and a good chance that your app will be used by front-line officers to help people who really need it (or by members of the public to help themselves).


We are working alongside our friends at BlueLightCamp over the weekend, and sharing a joint twitter hash-tag at the two events: #bluelighthack

Use it to share and collaborate your ideas and initiatives!


We're lining up some cool prizes, and we're intending to award in the following categories:

  • Best Crime Reduction Tool
  • Best Public Confidence Boost
  • Best Regard for Public Purse
  • Best in Show

We are focussing on mobile solutions: apps and mobile web sites that can help the public to stay safe, and help the police to keep people safe.


Our timetable is now available. We'll be updating this document directly - and we'll keep you posted of any major changes as they happen!

Who are we?

This event is being facilitated by a group of front-line officers from the Metropolitan Police, called the Commissioner's 100, who are exploring great new ways the police can help everybody to live safer lives.

We feel that good use of technology is a key part of this and want to engage with the development community to find solutions that will provide lasting benefits to the public.

This forms a part of the Commissioner's Total Policing strategy. We want to prevent crime, catch criminals, and provide a better service to victims of crime wherever we can.